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    Modern times have brought in new business and management challenges to which leaders must adapt. Digitalization, remote working and the growing number of self-managed teams have forced businesses to address leadership and talent development differently.

    Firme OZHEO creates custom programs and provides peer development workshops that are based on a proven approach used by more than 15,000 managers worldwide.

    Based on Henri Mintzberg’s well-known work and the expertise of some thirty management leaders, the CoachingOurselves approach builds on team empowerment, helps to establish a coaching culture and focuses on peer development. More than eighty modules in eight languages are available to tackle your development challenges.

    “The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” – Harvey S. Firestone

    70-20-10 MODEL

    Peer coaching is a hands-on, concrete approach that actuates peer learning, coaching and the sharing of experiences to accelerate development


    Following are some development modules currently available :

    Management skills
    Employee Performance
    Efficient Management under Pressure
    Higher Level of Responsibility

    Employee Involvement
    Organizational Flexibility
    Emotional Intelligence

    Driver of Change
    Strategic Blind Spots
    Two Models of change
    Building a Strategy

    Culture Strengthening
    Managing the Culture of Change
    The Power of Learning Social Skills
    Gauging Culture

    Understanding Stakeholders
    Driving Change in Hard Times
    Ordinary People, Extraordinary Leaders

    Smart Investment in Talent
    Managing with a Vision: the Art of Foresight
    Brand Management for all Managers

    Team Strengthening
    Open Discussions
    High-performance Teams
    Talent Management