• Individual coaching : executives, business, sales management.
    • Group coaching
    • Training: managers, entrepreneurs, sales.

    Yves is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and is a Certified Trainer for the Québec commission des partenaires du marché du travail. Mr. Levasseur has more than 20 years of experience as a leader in large companies including Postmedia (Montreal Gazette), Bell and Quebecor. He also worked for 7 years as General Manager of Sales at Yellow Pages Group where he managed teams across Canada. A graduate in Business Administration from UQAM, he is known for his strong strategic planning skills; particularly in sales management, marketing and change management. His ease in managing and mobilizing staff, his charisma, and his talents as a communicator make him an excellent mentor and coach. He is the president of Levasseur Warren Coaching Inc. He collaborates with several coaching and training firms including Virage Coaching, Ubiquity and Optimé. He also serves as a Consumer Experience Movement Coach for the Ford Motor Company.


    • Peer Coaching – Coaching Ourselves
    • Team coaching
    • TED training/workshop

    Connie’s mission is to power your team’s results through individual development. She supports organisations in the creation of highly performing teams with dedicated workshops, team coaching and peer-coaching facilitation. Team development coupled with individual coaching propels organisational results and individual growth. Connie is recognised by her clients as a person with heart who encourages purposeful action-oriented reflection with changes in what they do, how they communicate and how they think. The experience she has honed with over 20 years in roles as vice president of operations, commercial sales leader and contact center leader in the financial sector allow her to understand her clients’ reality enriching each workshop, facilitation and coaching. Connie holds an MBA from Concordia University, a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University, is a Certified Facilitator for Coaching Ourselves a Henry Mintzberg Program, for TED* The Empowerment Dynamic and for Total SDI a team and individual development assessment tool.


    • Employment Equality
    • Diagnosis and Organizational Development
    • Training and Coaching
    • Integrated Communication Related to Diversity Strategies
    • Surveys of Mobilization and Climate Surveys
    • Development of Recruitment Strategies and Support in the Hiring Process Related to Diversitys
    • Strategic Planning and Strategic Alignment of Human Resources and Diversity
    • Strategic Workforce Planning and Skills Development
    • Measurement Indicators and Dashboards for Human Resources and Diversity
    • Customer Service – Adapts to Customer Diversity

    Innovative and enthusiastic, Ms. Pelletier’s reputation speaks for itself. She has worked in the areas of quality and employment equality as well as diversity management and human resources for over 20 years. She is also recognized as a person who knows how address complex challenges. Energized by difficulties and the search for new challenges, she is ingenious when it comes to finding solutions. France Pelletier has a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and a Masters in business administration (MBA), specializing in human resources management. She is a faculty member of The University of Public Administration (ENAP) for the Leadership Development and Co-Development Programs. She is a lecturer and panelist for conferences and national and international policy forums for employment equality and for the advancement of diversity in employment.


    • Career coaching and career transition
    • Leadership development
    • Team Coaching – Certified International Team Coaching and MBTI

    Each person or team has a unique mission that is close to their heart. Sonia channels her interventions to clarify and align this mission with choices that allow it to flourish and develop. She uses three essential levers for both individuals and teams: to know oneself well, to realise their full potential, to overcome obstacles. Her clients recognize the relevance of the solutions she proposes through the practical benefits and accessibility of the tools used. Having worked in a variety of settings (banking, health care, police services, community work), Sonia is very flexible in establishing partnerships and identifying needs.

    With a tireless curiosity, holding two master’s degrees, one in orientation and the other in administration, she explores and integrates the latest research and approaches into her practice. For almost fifteen years, through training courses, seminars and conferences, she has designed and facilitated nearly 325 interactive leadership and developmental activities for more than 2,500 managers.

     “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”- Nelson Mandela