Guiding people to better know and understand themselves helps them to better acknowledge and understand others. The NOVA Profile will benefit relational effectiveness and further the growth of individuals and the deployment of their full potential.

    The NOVA Profile provides information about individual behaviour, skills, psychological characteristics and motivations. Thanks to the accuracy of its analysis, it is considered a sound personal and professional development tool.

    The NOVA Profile is an excellent psychometric tool that synthesizes three of the most significant works on human behaviour of the last century: the DISC system of William Moulton MARSTON (associated with the language of colours), the work of Carl Gustav JUNG on psychological types and Eduard SPRANGER’s work on motivation.

    The tool also demonstrates individuals’ ‘natural style’, no matter the environment, and the ‘adapted style’ that they show in response to their environment. These two styles allow a better understanding of the perceptions and interactions of individuals with their environment.


    CoachingOurselves (team leadership development) is a peer-to-peer development approach that focuses on idea sharing and dialog in small groups. It was created by Henry Mintzberg, a world-renowned management thinker. With this method, managers learn from each other, teach each other and work together on a particular topic.

    We believe that CoachingOurselves is an excellent means to support the introduction and implementation of a coaching culture of in organizations. This method complements services provided by professional coaches and encourages the involvement of a larger number of managers in organizations. CoachingOurselves is used by over 20,000 managers every year in peer-to-peer group learning sessions in their organizations.